The Research Division on Structural Health Monitoring and Vibration Control in the Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, was established in 2001, by Dr. Limin Sun. It is also recognized as a subinstitute of State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction of Civil Engineering. Researches of the division have been funded by Natural Science Foudation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transportation of China, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Ministry of Transportation of Jiangsu and Hebei Provinces and so on. Our research outcome has been applied to many major projects, including the Donghai Bridge and Yangtze River Bridge in Shanghai.

Chair Professor: Limin Sun, Ph. D, P.E., Prof.
Members:          Wei Cheng, Ph. D, Associate Prof.
                           Danhui Dan, Ph. D, Prof.

                           Zhi Sun, Ph.D, Prof.
                           Hongwei Huang, Ph. D, Associate Prof.
                           Ye Xia, Ph. D, P.E., Associate Prof.

                           Yan Wu, Secretary

Research Interests: bridge health monitoring, vibration control, seismic engineering

Selected Grants and Contracts:
 Structural health monitoring of major projects and system integration
 Key technology for structural health monitoring and online evaluation of complex bridges
 Novel technology for bridge dynamic response analysis and structural status evaluation
 Theoretical basis for bridge monitoring system design and health status evaluation
 Modal analysis using wavelet basis and eigenvalue extraction technique and corresponding application to bridge health monitoring
 Key maintainance oriented health monitoring technology for highway bridges
 Cable supporting system for bridge spanning 1000 m and corresponding disaster prevention and vibration mitigation techniques
 Cable networks for cable-stayed bridges with 1000 m span: dynamic analysis and parameter optimization
Selected Achievements:
 Design and implementation of structural health monitoring and status evaluation systems for Lupu Bridge and Donghai Bridge in Shanghai
 Development of smart sensoring elements, including optical fiber sensor and wireless sensor, particularly accommodated for the health monitoring of civil structures
 Theories and techniques of damage detection and localization, model updating of civil structures based on global and local dynamic monitoring data
 Multiple-level safety assessment and warning technology for major structures
 Demonstrative smart health monitoring systems of large-span bridges and strutures
 Vibration control of wind/rain induced cable vibrations: development of cable dampers, application of shape memory alloy (SMA), theoretical and experimental studies on vibration and control of super-long cables using cross ties.
 Tuned mass damper for vibration control of steel bridge tower during construction stage
 Investigation of cable damper efficiency considering the influences of damper complexity and support stiffness, using full-scale cable-damper tests

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